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Version 0.1.0

This is a prototype/toy. There's approximately 10 minutes of fun/exploration.

Archapolis is a city builder and management game currently in early development. Watch your citizens live their lives inside their homes, and outside. Features real time traffic, capable of pathing hundreds of thousands of units to unique destinations.

Prealpha prototype toy. Have fun!

Current Functionality: 

  • Create roads, path units.
  • Debug mode (place road grid, place many units, and more)
  • Hot patch sprite updates to running game
  • Create buildings and rooms
  • Change room wall color/floor type
  • I try to limit bugs for each release. I apologize if the game crashes. 
  • No save/load game yet!
  • No game loop yet!
  • No unit AI!

Q: Why release this prototype so early?

A: Feedback is incredibly important to me, even at this stage. I am also curious how well my path finding engine works on everyone's machines. 

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